Tuesday, September 26, 2006

neither prey nor foe

it was purple dusk, the beginning-time of night. fireflies were out. o. was tending to plants on the patio, with her back to the woods. i had gone inside, but turned back to say something to her. that was when i saw the mountain lion.

she was padding through the trees, coming our way. i went to my knees to block the open door so that spot wouldn't bolt, and so that the mountain lion wouldn't see her. i said quietly, "do. not. move." of course o. said, what? why not? i said "mountain lion. don't move a muscle."

the lion was curious about us, ranging in wide arcs but narrowing in on me in particular. so beautiful she was, so powerful, so strong, so fully alive. i watched her as long as i dared, then as she got within a few yards i lowered my eyes so that she wouldn't feel challenged. i said to o., "be very still now." the lion edged forward. i closed my eyes and waited. her warm breath stirred my hair as she investigated me. i filled my mind with thoughts of love, admiration, respect, pleasure in her presence.

when i opened my eyes, she was gone.


At 8:02 PM, Blogger Jean Sirius said...

that is fricken awesome. can i send it to my friend the dream interpreter?


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