Tuesday, May 24, 2005

kids today

...and their wacky names:
"Marilyn Manson's fiancee Dita Von Teese split from her former love Peter Sarsgaard after she found out he was having an affair with supermodel Shalom Harlow."

meanwhile, in the Equal Opportunity Idiocy category:
"Paris was chosen to star in the ad because she is an intriguing cultural icon and the 'it girl' of the moment. She fascinates Carl's Jr.'s most loyal customers, 'young, hungry guys,' as well as 'young, hungry gals.'"

am i deluding myself when i imagine that i can be in popular culture without being of popular culture? ("buh-buh-but i read TWoP religiously.... it's all Ironic, don't you see?")

Thursday, May 19, 2005

one more, then it's bedtime

if this doesn't make you laugh, seek professional help immediately.

but not from me. i gots my own problems.

a swell epitaph

"He was a rigorous scientist, but he had a real open mind," ____ said. "He liked to learn stuff.''

"lesbians to the rescue"

two things that have made me smile in an otherwise suckalicious month:



help me, obi-wan cannoli: you're my only hope.