Friday, April 07, 2006

living the life of the mind

i find myself wired-and-tired after these teaching nights. i'm engaged, i'm focused, i'm excited, but i'm there with the students and i'm working hard or less-hard, and afterwards i just... drive home. there aren't any peers with whom i can debrief/decompress. part of the problem is that we haven't been having regular faculty meetings, so i'm feeling out-of-touch with my compadres as a group.

also, those of my personal pals who aren't asleep by 9 are, you know, pole-dancing, or in oregon, or whatEver.

anyways. lately i get home and start cruising the blogosphere to pick up chicks, or the occasional guy. that has side effects: last night i was awake until nearly 4am, and am correspondingly wasted now.

had some cool dreams though. one involved driving my little car through a tight steep downward-sloping white-washed tunnel (shut up, freud) to reach a guesthouse at the bottom of a valley where i was going to be staying in a treehouse with grass carpeting... with a former client and another woman (whose identity escapes me now that i'm awake).

i know, it's a run-on sentence, but it was a run-on dream, so fuck it. twisty would smack me senseless for ellipsis abuse and capitalization deficiency, so i may as well go for the trifecta.

i'm planning on either outliving jean (seems only fair to me that she should get the kind of dying that she has furthered, and i'd make sure that was an option) or else on dying so amusingly and gracefully that it's fun for her. as y'all know, i'm big on fairness. (a girl needs a hobby.) so i'm going to need some additional friends, either way, because my trampoline has too few attachment points. as delightful as my 'invisible' friends are, i think i've got to find the kind of friends who can give footrubs and bring over takeout from manzanita.

suggestions, and applicants, welcomed.