Tuesday, December 27, 2005

change a-comin'

and that just might be the most redundant thing i've ever said.

i am settling in at jean's house. i guess i have to get used to saying "our house", which feels a bit weird, since i haven't lived with anyone (well, no other humans) since... 1993? maybe dr. crackcorn will help me remember when it was that we went our separate ways. it sucked at the time, but if that's what it took for us to end up where we are now -- i wouldn't change a thing.

come to think of it, that's how i feel about most of my life: often painful but worth it based on the people i know, the ways in which i know them, etc.

there was a long period where i described myself as a peeled egg. easily injured, those. i don't dwell on it anymore, though. got more interesting things to think about, such as:
  • new job starting (with people that appreciate my mad interpersonal skillz)
  • new place to live (space! light! grown-up interactions!)
  • damfine therapist
  • drawers galore! (thank you jean)
  • buncha hard stuff in the rear-view mirror (bye, 2005, don't let the door hit ya in the ass)
  • teh r0xx0r friends and adopted family
  • World's Best Cat
jean asked me the other day if i ever think about writing. my answer, without having to think much about it, was "nope." i was an obsessive chronicler of my 20s, and i continued to write okay poetry in my 30s, but now? i'd rather put words into other people instead of onto paper. it's another stage in the evolution which began as i left my first therapist with the words, "i don't need therapy anymore, because now i have friends."

ah, youth.

anyways. happy solstice, everybody. it's all downhill from here ;-)